Ageing workforce encourages training company to work with Oswaldtwistle School

David Coupe – Managing Director, and Rachael Scanlin – Director, at Transport Training Academy explain why they became Enterprise Advisors for Oswaldtwistle School.

We work in an industry that struggles to attract the younger generation and is known for having an ageing workforce, which is rather scary as the Logistic Industry underpins the whole economy and has a range of fantastic career prospects. Whilst we want to change the perception of the industry to be a possible career choice we also want to aspire the children to be what they want to be, and this can only be done through options and choices. We feel that through our successes and mistakes we can help empower and direct the children at Oswaldtwistle School. We attend the student’s voice where we sit and listen to their ideas and thoughts and challenge them if needed. We don’t have all the answers but we feel that we can certainly help. We also help with arranging visits to different employers, again just to give them an insight to what the world of work looks like. If one child succeeds in their goal then we have achieved ours.

We also work with the members of staff and try to engage with them and the pupils to see if there is anyway in that we can help and give advice with projects that they may be thinking of developing. This could be in the way of some simple costings and marketing advice or contacting some of our customers and suppliers to see if they are able to assist.

We are currently working on a project to grow some produce in the gardens and will be looking at sending some members of the team from TTA who are keen gardeners to help and give their advice to support this.

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