Making a difference – why Jane Murphy is part of the Enterprise Adviser Network

Jane Murphy from All About Food is working with Upholland High School, and in this update she tells us why AAF wants to be part of the Enterprise Adviser Network.

There is one main reason why we want to work within the Enterprise Adviser Network, our purpose is to Make a Difference.

We want to make a difference to the people and lives in the community within which we work, and the Enterprise Adviser Network is a perfect way. We have the opportunity to build relationships with local schools and colleges in order to support and educate the students in the world of work and all the amazing opportunities there are available to them.

While we work on the developmental plan, I’ve taken the opportunity to speak to 140 students about how to create a CV and explained what I look for when I’m recruiting. Colleagues of mine have been part of a careers fair, helping students understand the different industries and job roles there are.

Just these two interactions have helped us as a business to understand the barriers children and schools face when it comes to careers. Anything we can do to break these down and demonstrate to the students, if they want to, they can be and can achieve anything!

If we can make a difference to even one child’s life and the choices they make about the future, then we are fulfilling our purpose.

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