Shaftsbury High School has been working with a local Enterprise Adviser – find out more about the benefits to the pupils

Shaftsbury High School is part of the Enterprise Advisor Network. According to Jenny Cole the Careers Coordinator, the relationship has produced a number of beneficial opportunities for their pupils.

“In June our Key Stage 3 and Year 10 pupils visited a local construction site,” said Jenny. “Our Enterprise Advisor, Kevin Hutchinson from Balfour Beatty was able to link us up to the Eric Wright Group.

The visit went really well.  The pupils were fitted up with hard hats and high-vis jackets and allowed onto the site using a walk way where they could stand and look around the site.  At the time there was a large crane situated on site which the pupils asked many questions about.”

Jenny and the pupils found the staff onsite were very accommodating and happy to talk to them about the construction industry.

“I think this was a valuable experience for the pupils,” continued Jenny, “as they were able to see what a typical construction site looks like, what different roles are involved in these developments, how they can become a construction worker and how much they would be likely to get paid.”

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