Give an Hour inspires more Enterprise Advisers

Through various campaigns and programmes, the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC) helps to inspire businesses to engage with education institutions. In Lancashire, Inspira delivers these services, in partnership with the Lancashire Skills Hub. 

Nicola Roberts, Inspira’s Enterprise Co-ordinator for the west coast of Lancashire, talks about the impact of the Give an Hour campaign and finds out from new Enterprise Adviser Diarmuid Beary what he thinks of the initiatives. 

“Give an Hour is designed to let employers, employees and business owners dip their feet into the world of careers advice,” said Nicola Roberts.  

Diarmuid Beary, who had not heard of the network before was inspired to find out more when he came across the campaign. 

“I joined the Give an Hour campaign as I think it is a great idea to encourage and help to inspire young people, as they prepare for the world of work.” 

Following the experience, Nicola was then able to recruit Diarmuid as an Enterprise Adviser. 

“I then volunteered as an Enterprise Adviser (EA) with Brookfield School. I have already secured a work placement for one of the pupils and arranged a work visit to a creative business, which will introduce the pupils to the real world of work.” 

“For my part the experience has filled me with enthusiasm and energy with a commitment to show young people the amazing opportunities that the world can offer them. It is great to see that my fellow EA’s share the same passion.” 

Leon Pinch, who is the Careers Lead at Brookfield School said, “Being relatively new to the network and Lancashire, I’ve found the support provided by Inspira in assisting the development of a careers programme, really useful.”  

“Inspira have identified and secured an Enterprise Advisor who is currently arranging employer encounter visits for our students.  The support offered assists in identifying areas that need strengthening and assists in the development and implementation of an action plan to address the areas of need in our school.” 

Photo (left to right):  

Diarmuid Beary – Enterprise Adviser 

Leon Pinch – Careers lead 

Katie Brocklehurst – Careers Team at school 

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