Business as usual for Blackpool Cornerstone Employers

With the disruption we find ourselves in at this moment in time, we are all discovering innovative ways to continue to work effectively. The Cornerstone Employer group in Blackpool met on Wednesday 22nd April for their first virtual roundtable. Almost all the members attended the meeting, despite the new priorities we find ourselves with and the group were incredibly upbeat about continuing working towards the commitment plan.  

We discussed “Learning in Lockdown” and how now, more than ever, it is vitally important to keep our young people engaged and aspirational for their futures. All sorts of ideas were shared, and I really look forward to building on them in the coming weeks to create something special for our young people, showcasing the multitude of careers available in Blackpool and wider Lancashire.  

Vicky Clegg who is part of the group representing Blackpool Transport said this after our meeting.  

“In these unprecedented times it is easy to forget how we worked before, to become emerged in the here and now and lose focus. As a business we had discussed how we can continue to support schools, but we did not know the ideal direction. With the continued support from you, this morning’s (Wednesday) Cornerstones meeting has allowed me to develop business ideas further and share with them with my colleagues to help bring them to life”. 

I have been fortunate enough to work with the Blackpool Cornerstone group since October 2019 and the passion they radiate to drive forward opportunities for young people is incredible, with local and national representation. And despite our new normal the Cornerstones have remained just that, adapting to working remotely and virtually, still as passionate as ever about the support they want to provide in the area. 

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