Calling all Careers Leaders – Inspira is digitally open

Dionne Paxton, Careers Adviser, Lathom High School

Welcome to our first on-line news update we hope you and your families are all safe and keeping well. Going forward, this will be our preferred method of sharing and disseminating information on key resources, topics and good practice to ensure you are all as well prepared and informed as possible.  

On behalf of Inspira, Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, Careers and Enterprise Company and all your Enterprise Co-ordinator, we are in unprecedented times and one of the main reasons for this news update is to let you know that whilst we are all still working, we recognise and appreciate you may have other priorities so this is simply to let you all know that we remain available to help and support you if you need us. 

As you have probably noticed, there are an awful lot of resources being digitally produced by the Careers and Enterprise company, providers and ourselves so the purpose of the newsletter is to simplify and summarise what is available alongside some of the activities we can work through together over the coming months to ensure we are best positioned to start the 20/21 academic year. 

It is also acknowledged by the Careers and Enterprise Company that within Lancashire we have outstanding examples of innovative and are very often cited as an area of outstanding practice. This is thanks to you and your ambition and hard work. Let us keep momentum going. So, whilst we are in lockdown, we are using this as an opportunity to develop new resources and processes to not just maintain our current position but to further improve our collective performance. 

Now you potentially have time and space, we are encouraging you to focus on: 

All our Enterprise Co-ordinators are available and are fully digital so there are several ways to contact us either through email, phone or one of the many video platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom. We have already held several online team meetings and need to know the best way of communicating and sharing ideas and good practice with you too. 

So, we hope you find this format useful and if you do have any feedback, then please do tell us. In the meantime, on behalf of all the team, be safe and do not hesitate to contact us should you need any help, advice or just to say hello. 

Lancashire Enterprise Co-ordinator Team  

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