Lancashire Skills Swap

Lancashire Skills and Employment Hub as part of their COVID 19 response has launched a Lancashire Skills Swap.

This unique service is dedicated to helping businesses who are looking for staff or volunteers, want to train their staff or want to offer people with knowledge and expertise to work for another business.

At this time more than ever, the skills needs of all businesses are changing rapidly. 

The Lancashire Skills Hub has created the Lancashire Skills Swap service to help businesses to support other Lancashire businesses who are either looking for skills or people or who are able to offer skills or people. This service is offered by the Lancashire Skills Hub at no charge to you.

View the Lancashire Skills Swap Noticeboard

If you are a business and,

  • Need people, either staff or volunteers
  • Need to train your staff, including those furloughed
  • Want to offer any people, knowledge or expertise to work for or within another business

1. Complete a short form by clicking ‘Register Here

2. The details of your business’ need or offer will be posted on the Lancashire Skills Swap Noticeboard

3. The Skills Hub will support you: businesses, individuals and support projects will also view the  noticeboard and get directly in touch with you to swap skills

Register Here

If you are individual who,

  • Has a specialist skill/expertise or transferable skills which are in demand and you are looking to:
    – volunteer
    – gain employment

Then please email us at and we will help you to link with a business in need of your skills.

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