5 virtual school trips you must try

The traditional school trip with a coach and packed lunch (that we obviously ate within minutes of setting off) is but a distant memory to teachers now.  

Don’t worry – there are no VR glasses needed here. In fact, there is hardly any technology required from the school or student. 

So why not utilise the abundance of newly released virtual tours on offer from museums and attractions around the world, by bringing digital tours and field trips into the living rooms of our children. 

The Great Barrier Reef 

A school trip where you go scuba diving and explore a coral reef is way beyond the realms of possibility for most schools. 

International Space Station 

Outer space is not your usual destination for a school trip – for starters you would struggle to get a coach company willing to supply spacesuits and oxygen. 

However, this is one that makes perfect sense when you can visit virtually. 

Harry Potter: A History of Magic at the British Library 

Hosted on Google Arts and Culture, visitors can look around the exhibition looking at the work of JK Rowling and its links to magic. 

National Theatre 

Many schools find the cost involved with a theatre trip too prohibitive to justify a visit – so the opportunity to watch some of the National Theatre’s best performances shouldn’t be passed up. 

And you don’t just get the performance – teachers can make use of the learning resources too. There are rehearsal insights from the actors, and you can use the scene-by-scene selections to lead a class discussion in the chat. 

Longleat Safari Park 

Although visiting a zoo in person is a wonderful adventure, being able to visit online actually offers you even more. From using the virtual tours, students can be quickly transported to explore locations in greater depth.  The full article can be found here.

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