Ever wondered about studying or working at Edge Hill University?

A virtual and interactive opportunity. Ideal for all but especially Year 9 upwards.  

This virtual, 2 hour offer includes:  

· introduction to Edge Hill: place of study and a potential future workplace  

· a virtual campus tour   

· introduction to a real Edge Hill job role with an online application challenge  

· question and answer session with Edge Hill staff    

· quizzes and the chance for questions to be answered  

Joining information is via the links below (the event is repeated so you only need to attend one of them). No additional software is needed to attend the session.    

Monday 18th May at 11:00  


Tuesday 19th May at 14:00  


Make sure you click on the link 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start date and time, so you can double check any computer settings. Where possible, we recommend using Chrome as your web browser and headphones to reduce background noise.  

Please note that we restrict your audio and video so you can just listen to the speaker during presentations. You can ask questions through the chat function at the end of any session. Please note that all chats will be moderated.

Download the Edge Hill app by searching “EHUVirtual Tour” on Android or Apple devices  

Challenge entries by 22nd and 29th May. Send to (all will be explained on the day)

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