Virtual work experience on a national scale!

The Careers and Enterprise Company are currently working collaboratively with the Oak National Academy – online learning platform  to provide a “My Week of Work” range of lesson-based activities. These will include information from sectors and workplaces, plus typical work type projects.  

For full information click here:

The lessons will run from the Oak online learning platform everyday during the week commencing  8th June 2020. There will be four lessons per day. Click here to find the sessions.  

Alongside the Oak lessons, Learn Live will be hosting a series of “live” Q& A sessions with employers all week. These sessions will run from 10 – 2pm everyday and will feature arrange of employers from a different sector each day.  ideally, students will access as much of this as possible. 

The week will be sector centred and the sectors featured will be:  

·         Healthcare  

·         Creative and Media  

·         Renewables  

·         Engineering and Manufacturing  

·         Construction    

The aim of the resources across the week are to:  

·         Support Careers Leaders (CLs) and teachers with a series of online resources for their cohorts to focus on during a week which ordinarily may see many cohorts of Y10 pupils on work experience  

·         To signpost CLs to sector specific resources from partners and providers  

·         To enable a high-quality virtual employer encounters from Cornerstone Employers through the Learn Live platform  

To inspire young people to further independently explore sectors and roles available 



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My Week of Work

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