Could you be a STATWARRIOR?

Introducing the STATWARS® Competitions

  • Meet real Statwarriors who use data, numeracy and mathematics in their daily work
  • Take part in the film and TV project by analysing large dataset of TV shows or films, then develop a data-driven concept for what they believe would be a successful future production!
  • How about the Climate Change Challenge? Using big and small datasets to identify 3 changes they can personally commit to in their daily lives that will lower their individual carbon footprint
  • View the support videos that can help you submit a winning entry

STATWARS® allows pupils to make rich cross curricular connections between mathematics, the world of work and their own learning, as they work through a topic that is meaningful, relevant and contemporary.  Stat Wars is aimed at Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils.

The STATWARS® Competition is designed to empower and educate pupils to tackle climate change, by providing a project that delivers meaningful and engaging mathematics, numeracy and data literacy to pupils.

Primary Engineer have introduced a timetable of interviews (which we are updating regularly) to bring STATWARS® to life for pupils at home and in school. This is a great way to inspire your Key Stage 3 pupils’ ideas for the STATWARS® competition. Click here to access the resources available for teachers, parents and carers delivering this programme.  Our online interviews aim to provide pupils with the chance to virtually meet real life data professionals, climate change experts and those who work in various areas of the entertainment industry. This gives pupils an insight into opportunities and careers and allows them to flex their relevant skill sets.

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