KickSTART your 20/21 careers programme

START is offering part of its comprehensive digital platform for free. The structured activities support students in schools and colleges to make informed decisions about future study and career options. Everything from understanding the world of work to company insights, apprenticeships, HE and more. Information here.


As part of the Opportunity Area project, Start have made a major enhancement to the Start in Blackpool website that many of you will be aware of. While this is focused on Blackpool, the tools may still be relevant to many young people and there is a wealth of information on the main site here.

When young people click ‘Blackpool Careers Journey’ in the top right toolbar they are taken to a completely new page which has a collection of mini-courses that young people can enrol to, and work through in simple steps to improve their skills and knowledge.

It is very youth-led and video-led to keep things fun and interesting. There is infinite flexibility to grow and change the courses with new content such as quizzes, assignments, videos, games etc.

The site will automatically certificate completion for students and offer reminder emails along the way. This certificated learning is a powerful message to help young people apply to colleges, sixth forms, and apprenticeships.

The homepage features four cards of learning opportunity. These will be added to over time:

  • Getting Started – how to use the site, a statement following Covid-19 and a welcome from Alan Cavill
  • Yr 11: What next? – aimed at the more vulnerable and how they can prepare themselves for progression. Top Tips and tricks videos from young people and how to manage mental health. Head Start colleagues are supporting additional exciting content for this area to be co-created with young people.
  • All ages: Start your future – rich Labour Market Information (locally and nationally), careerometer widgets, videos from education providers…
  • Colleges, Sixth Forms etc – embedded websites, useful links, videos, and how to make contact. This will grow over time with a crescendo around results days and Summer enrolment. Providers are already pulling exciting resources and curriculum ideas together.

Any questions and feedback please email

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