Steps to Traineeships

Do you have leavers worried about how the recent situation has changed the planned start date of an Apprenticeship?

Has time away from the classroom knocked anyone’s confidence?

There are steps you can take to bridge the gap from leaving school, sixth form or college and starting an Apprenticeship.

Training 2000 is an example of this. Download the pdf for information.

Other Training Providers will also offer your students support and guidance of all work based learning. Click on the image to find out more on apprenticeships and training providers in Lancashire. Use the sort filter for your area.

What is a traineeship?

Traineeships are an opportunity to gain real work experience and job skills, while improving your English and maths (if needed). The programme content is tailored to your individual career needs. They are aimed are aimed at giving 16 to 18-year-olds the opportunity to develop the skills they need to find and succeed on an Apprenticeship.

What you can expect

  • • Work preparation including practical training in your chosen area • Working together to ensure you have the best CV
  • • A high-quality work experience placement with an employer that we will find for you
  • • A guaranteed employer reference for your CV
  • • The chance to learn crucial skills, like teamwork, building your confidence and self-belief and how to make the right impression
  • • Interview skills that an employer expects
  • • English and maths (if needed)

What are the benefits?

  • • Flexible options with helpful guidance and support to suit your specific needs
  • • In depth diagnostic and assessment to identify the best progression route for you
  • • Weekly bursaries and paid travel expenses*
  • • Preparation for work skills that are in line with current employer expectations

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