Ready for Results Days? My Choices, Lancashire

My Choices is a national project to support young people in schools and colleges delivered by the Careers and Enterprise Company.

My Choices, Lancashire provides local support, guidance, pathways and links for our young people during their transition process.

Following the national event provided by the Careers and Enterprise Company, we are now able to offer you results day support at a local level. The link below will take you to a Start platform created to meet the needs of all in Lancashire who are supporting Y13s and Y11s at this time (no registration required). Following key messages, you will find links to FE, HE and local employers. The message is simple – supporting, guiding and valuing our young people is essential to our future recovery. Click here:

Students and their parents/supporters will find this resource very useful. Share with any SLT, pastoral or support staff involved in transitions and wellbeing.

The attached flyer can be edited and printed if required:

If you missed the CEC live event in August or wish to access the resources … visit and register at LearnLive. The event details are outlined below.

6 key areas:

  1. Finding support – results day immediate response, as well as year round sources of support and guidance for young people.
  2. Pathways – Identifying choices and opportunities
  3. Decision Making and Planning – investigating jobs and LMI
  4. Being prepared – handling applications and selection
  5. Positive wellbeing
  6. Adding value – preparing for employment

A range of teaching, student and parent guides were provided

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