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My Choices is a national project to support young people in schools and colleges delivered by the Careers and Enterprise Company.

As we enter a probable recession, students will need to be able to look critically at the job market, assess opportunities and make well-informed choices. Careers is the part of education that gives students these skills, arming them with knowledge about work and future study and training routes.

Sir John Holman

A Careers Leader Guide, will be sent out during the last week of July. It will support you by bringing together, in one place, a plethora of key resources falling into 6 key areas:

  1. Finding support – results day immediate response, as well as year round sources of support and guidance for young people.
  2. Pathways – Identifying choices and opportunities
  3. Decision Making and Planning – investigating jobs and LMI
  4. Being prepared – handling applications and selection
  5. Positive wellbeing
  6. Adding value – preparing for employment

To accompany the interactive guide, there will be a national, student-facing, online event, on August 3rd, showcasing the range of support out there for young people throughout the transition process.  

To help you prepare for the day, click on this link to find a range of teaching, student and parent guides

The national event will also be recorded and available for you to use on results day and to support young people’s decision making over the next academic year.This will be supported by local events and activity over the coming weeks and months, details of which will be in the guide.

Engaging your students

We appreciate that this cohort could be difficult to engage as they are no longer on roll but here are a few ideas:

  • Schedule a text to students or parents– signpost them to details on your website or an email you may be sending out
  • Social media shout out using the hashtag #MyChoices
  • Include a timetable of events or a link to the recordings in any comms you send out about results day procedure 
  • Include a letter or note in with your results day information signposting them to the recordings

Useful documents were sent out or can be downloaded here:

Schools and Colleges are still being the trusted sources of information even though students have left. To find out more, please contact your Enterprise Coordinator as the National event will be followed up by focused localised activity.

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