COMPASS+ hints, tips, on-line training and so much more

Compass+ is our tool to help you benchmark, manage, track and report on your school’s careers programme it  is powered by pupil-level data and  integrates with your school’s Management Information System (MIS) data for effective and targeted careers programme planning and delivery.

It’s simple and intuitive to use: a one-stop-shop for completing Gatsby Benchmark evaluations, creating activity plans and managing engagement with employers and partners.

Click here to upgrade to Compass +

Compass+ also provides a fantastic knowledge base which is a repository of user articles to help guide you through the main features and functionality. To get started, why not have a look at our list of frequently used articles.

Compass + also has a frequently asked questions knowledge base which is a really useful tool for trouble shooting any questions you might have. Click here to find out more

Compass + training  modules for Careers Leaders:

In conjunction with Careers Leaders and various network stakeholders, we’ve created two self-service online modules specifically for Compass+ users. Each module comprises videos, slides and quizzes that explain the core product functionality to help new users start using Compass+ effectively. The modules each take around half-an-hour to complete, with certificates downloadable on completion.

We’re delivering this training through the iHasco platform. Careers Leaders and other Compass+ users can access the training via the link below.

Learners should log in or register for the training using the same email address they use for Compass+ and by doing so they agree to iHasco’s privacy & cookie policy and The Careers & Enterprise Company privacy policy. 

This link can be forwarded to Careers Leaders who’re interested in free certified Compass+ training:

Need more help?

If you can’t find a solution to your query, you can email us direct at:

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