STEM Careers Toolkit for secondary and FE

Who is this toolkit for?

This toolkit has been written for Careers Leaders in secondary schools and colleges.

How to use this toolkit

This toolkit provides ideas and practical suggestions on how STEM specific content might be used to meet the Gatsby Careers Benchmarks. It provides support for each benchmark and can be returned to over time as you develop your STEM career programme. Depending on the education setting, some suggestions in this toolkit may not be appropriate or need modification.

For each benchmark the toolkit provides:

• a description of the benchmark

• top tips for what this means for STEM, including 3 suggestions  of how STEM can be included in the benchmark

• useful resources, including organisations, documents and resources that support the toolkit’s suggestions

• ideas and practical suggestions, a detailed collection of recommendations and guidance to develop STEM specific content for each benchmark

• examples of current practice in secondary schools, FE and Sixth Form Colleges around the country

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