Design and engineer the future Tempest Aircraft!

Looking for some home learning activities? There’s still time to help us design the air system of the future…

Earlier this summer, we launched a special Tempest-themed STEM competition online, aiming to fire the imagination of the next generation around our ambitious future combat air system project.

From drawing a brand new aircraft to imagining what a flight suit or cockpit could look like in the coming decades, we’re calling for youngsters aged between 5 and 18 – the scientists, technologists and engineers of the future – to think outside the box to help us design the next generation of air system.

Age Group 2 (9-12 years): Design a flight suit for a future fast jet pilot. Using paper or your computer design a flight suit for a fast jet pilot. Things to consider:

  • Safety
  • Comfort (not too hot, not too cold)
  • Practical (plenty of pockets to keep essentials in)
  • Protection
  • Materials

Age Group 3 (13-15): Design a cockpit for an aircraft of the future. The Tempest aircraft will start to fly 15 years from now and will include some truly amazing and futuristic technology on board. In fact, our engineers and technologists are already thinking about how they can develop a cockpit which is far more advanced than anything available today. Using the template provided think about what a cockpit of the future might look like. The attached “cockpit assistance” provides two examples of current cockpits.

The deadline for entries is now a month away – Friday, September 18. For more details, log on to our Home Learning Page>> and click on the Tempest competition to learn more.

The best entries will be featured across our Communications channels later in September – and there are prizes up for grabs for the winners in each age category.

The entries will be judged by a panel of expert engineers; the winners in each age category will receive a £50 voucher for their school and a fantastic Tempest BAE Systems goody bag!

All you have to do is send/ scan* your entry to by Friday 18th September

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